Microsoft Makes Its Best Mouse Yet

Microsoft Makes Its Best Mouse Yet

Microsoft Makes Its Best Mouse Yet

It has taken three and a half decades, but Microsoft has finally made a definitively new mouse. The Bluetooth-empowered Surface Precision Mouse, which Microsoft unveiled in October alongside the second generation of its Surface Book convertible laptop, is designed for control and accuracy.

The mouse has six adaptable buttons, a rechargeable battery, a thumb rest, and a scroll wheel that can be changed from smooth and quick vertical looking to granular line-by-line looking over. It can be used with up to three PCs simultaneously. Since it has been a minute since Microsoft came out with a mouse that is all its own, it is likely that it is worth the $100 it currently sells for.

Mice from Logitech and Razer have boasted some of its highlights, but none of the characteristics.

The Surface Precision Mouse is $99.99, which will make it a non-starter for some. Also, it’s exclusively a right-handed mouse. This isn’t super-irregular; the Sculpt Ergonomic will frustrate to any southpaws who were planning to finish their Surface hardware collection. If you have a Mac, you won’t be able to customize the buttons, but if you’re running Windows—except for the new Windows 10 S—you’ll have the capacity to tweak their functions with the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center software.

The three thumb catches are designed for Forward, Task View, and Back, and the mouse wheel can be squeezed for a middle-click. Most of that can be changed. The battery inside the mouse cannot be removed, but Microsoft says a single charge will last for three months, and recharges via micro-USB.

Unlike Apple’s Magic Mouse, the port is at the front, so you will have the capacity to use it while it is charging. There is, however, a Bluetooth button on the base of the mouse. This is used to switch the contribution between the three matched PCs, and each is shown with some white light.

Kashish Ambekar
Kashish Ambekar
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