Mentis Software Named to Database Trends and Applications Top 100 Companies

Mentis Software Named to Database Trends and Applications Top 100 Companies

Mentis Software Named to Database Trends and Applications Top 100 Companies

MENTIS Software, the pioneer software company in data masking and enterprise data security products, officially announced that it was included in Database Trends and Applications Top 100 Companies list. The monumental accomplishment is only the beginning of MENTIS’ dominance in the data security industry.

MENTIS is widely considered as the “leading solutions provider for at-risk data, starting with iDiscover, which locates sensitive data and identifies the programs involved.” Its programs, iMask, iScramble, and iMonitor ensure security around the data in focus, and the programs iRetire and iSubset further reduce the data’s exposure to other processes and parties. MENTIS has established itself as the only complete data security task force that restricts exposure to sensitive data and that can also be used in all IT environments, which is a big attraction for many clients.

Rajesh Parthasarathy, CEO of MENTIS, said the following about the company’s success and future:

“We are proud to have MENTIS recognized in DBTA Top 100…We’ve been the visionary and early pioneer in the data security space, building solutions that adapt to and anticipate risks that organizations face. Inclusion in this list speaks directly to our approach and accomplishments – and we’re pleased to have independent affirmation. Our offerings continue to break new ground. In fact, our most recent product release, iVerify, is the only solution that brings two-factor authentication to both enterprise database and application connections.”

In addition to Parthasarathy’s statement, DBTA noted the following about the importance of being in their top 100 list in their official announcement:

“The world of data management is constantly changing. The DBTA 100 is our way of recognizing vendors who are evolving with the times and leading the charge to address new opportunities and requirements. Today, data is on the move, streaming into organizations and being stored in more repositories of greater variety than ever before. In transit and at rest, that data must be protected but also made available to more users so they can quickly glean insights and react to new opportunities.”

MENTIS’ new position on DBTA’s top 100 is only the beginning of its reign as one of the leading data security companies. It would be interesting to see their development over the next year.

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Mohammad Ali Sultani
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