Lyft Now Has 24/7 Live Support for Drivers

Lyft Now Has 24/7 Live Support for Drivers

Lyft Now Has 247 Live Support for Drivers

Ride-hailing company Lyft has added a few driver-friendly features in an attempt to upgrade its customer service. Based on the requests made by the drivers, the company will now be providing 24/7 phone support, faster online support and also an addition of Spanish language.

“It’s really been around listening and continually listening to our drivers,” said Mary Winfield, Lyft’s vice president of trust and safety, who is tasked with improving driver and passenger experience. “For many of our drivers, they want more immediate support.” Previously, when in need of assistance, the drivers could connect with the company only via email, which turned out to be a tedious task for the drivers.

With this new feature, drivers will be able to tap a button in the Lyft app and be connected to an associate. The individual driver’s details will be auto-populated once the call goes through.

“Our customer support center is based in Nashville, with partner sites in select cities across the U.S.,” a spokesperson said. “We’ll also have Spanish phone support available based in California, Orlando and Central America.”

Lyft has steadily captured the U.S. market share over the last year. Since January it has launched in a lot of new cities. Its service is now available in 49 cities. Lyft is also planning to expand in international markets.

“This has been on our road map for a while,” said Winfield. “We do a lot of shadowing with drivers, and we ask what they’re thinking and feeling, and from that we determined that more immediate channels of support were important.”

At present Uber may stand tall compared to Lyft; however, Uber’s endless scandals have proven to be quite rewarding to Lyft in terms of increasing its number of riders. This San Francisco based company was the first one to launch the tipping feature in 2014.

“We did tipping before tipping was cool,” Winfield said. “To date we’ve had over $250 million dollars in tips that have been paid out.”

The company is valued at $7.5 billion as of April 2017 and has raised a total of $2.61 billion in funding.

Tanuja Thombre
Tanuja Thombre
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