Kaspersky Labs Releases Free Antivirus Software

Kaspersky Labs Releases Free Antivirus Software

Kaspersky Labs Releases Free Antivirus Software

Kaspersky Labs recently announced a free version of its popular antivirus software. The recent legislation against Russian interests doesn’t lift the ban on the well-known malware fighter.

In a recent blog post, Eugene Kaspersky noted that “the roll-out won’t be fully global instantaneously; it’s going to be done over four months in waves as per different regions.”

The free version of Kaspersky will not have the full package of protections, but will provide malware protection and probably will roll out some form of advertising.

Eugene Kaspersky said in a blog post last week that the aim of the free antivirus would be to feed its machine learning program with the threats faced around the world, effectively converting every PC into a monitor for the software.

However, this will not change the ban that the United States government has placed against Kaspersky’s software which is suspected of having connections to the Kremlin and the Putin administration. The Department of Defense and other U.S. government agencies are forbidding the installation of any Kaspersky software.

The free Kaspersky software will begin to roll out first in America later this month. By September, it will roll out worldwide beginning with the majority of Asia-Pacific countries.

Marco Islas
Marco Islas
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