Jeff Bezos Just “Out-Worthed” Bill Gates to become the Richest Man in the World

Jeff Bezos Just “Out-Worthed” Bill Gates to become the Richest Man in the World

Jeff Bezos Just “Out-Worthed” Bill Gates to become the Richest Man in the World

For the last 22 years, Bill Gates has reigned on Bloomberg’s Billionaire Index as the richest man alive. However, in a long-speculated turn of events, Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, gets a turn in that position.

This accession came as Amazon share prices skyrocketed to $1,071.30. This is the highest value that Amazon shares have seen since going public.

Bezos owns 80 million Amazon shares and this surge in prices added approximately $800 million to his net worth. Bezos is now worth $91 billion.

Another catalyst in Bezos’ triumph is Gates’ charitable giving. Bill Gates donated about $32.9 billion in his lifetime to charitable causes. Many other billionaires who are also featured among the richest people in the world, such as Warren Buffett and Mark Zuckerberg, have also actively donated large sums of money. Bezos, too, is looking for charity ideas.

This is the current list of the Top 5 richest people in the world and their current net worth:

  • Jeff Bezos — $91 Billion
  • Bill Gates — $90.1 Billion
  • Amancio Ortega — $83.5 Billion
  • Warren Buffett — $74.4 Billion
  • Mark Zuckerberg — $68.7 Billion

If Amazon keeps making advances at its current rate, we can very well assume that Jeff Bezos might even become the first person in the world to achieve a personal net worth of $100 billion.

Here is an infographic depicting Bezos’ journey to become the richest man in the world:


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