Inflect Raises $3 Million to Make Internet Infrastructure Buying Easier

Inflect Raises $3 Million to Make Internet Infrastructure Buying Easier

Inflect Raises 3 Million to Make Internet Infrastructure Buying Easier

Inflect, an online marketplace for Internet Infrastructure collocation cloud startup, has raised $3 million through seed funding. Inflect will be using the funds to expand their operations.
Investors who participated in this funding round include Jon Buccola Sr., of Greenpoint Technologies, Chris Fanini, CTO and founder of Weebly, Travis Cole, former senior manager of Platform Engineering and Infrastructure of Square, Jordan Lowe, CEO of Server Central and former CEO of nLayer, and Chris Palermo, CEO of Global Communications Network.

Mike Nguyen, co-founder and CEO of Inflect, stated that, “We’re fortunate to have investors who understand both the buy and sell sides of our industry. They understand how challenging it is to buy collocation, managed and network services. As industry insiders, they’ve all wasted time and money due to lack of access to accurate data and the right service provider contacts needed to source the right solutions.”

The Inflect platform provides an open, neutral search and procurement marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of internet infrastructure services to find accurate information to connect, collaborate and transact building solutions that empowers the global data economy. Inflect is a free platform which delivers he most accurate data on IP transit, collocation, IaaS and managed hosting/infrastructure. Sellers pay Inflect for customer contracts delivered.

One of the investors who participated in the funding, Kyle Vogt, CEO and founder of Cruise Automation, said that, “It’s impossible to buy anything in this industry, or even know whether it exists, without talking to half a dozen salespeople. It’s infuriatingly opaque. But by aggregating data from dozens of sources and making it extremely easy to search and explore, Inflect has brought a new level of transparency to the industry and created the obvious home for a marketplace of buyers and sellers of internet infrastructure.”

The Inflect platform was launched in June, and since has attracted attention from global networking and colocation service providers. Service providers have been quite welcoming towards Inflect because the platform connects them directly with buyers who have done their research and are ready to take the next step.

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