IBM Watson Takes On Cybercrime With New Cloud-Based Cybersecurity Technology

IBM Watson Takes On Cybercrime With New Cloud-Based Cybersecurity Technology

Eight universities have begun a year-long initiative to train IBM Watson for work in cybersecurity. Will the Jeopardy champ soon police the internet?

On Tuesday, IBM announced that Watson, its cognitive computing system (and former Jeopardy champion), will be spending the next year training for a new job—fighting cybercrime.

Watson for Cyber Security is a cloud-based version of IBM’s cognitive computing tools that will be the result of a one-year-long research project that is starting in the fall. Students and faculty from eight universities will participate in the research and train Watson to better understand how to detect potential threats.

The following universities will be a part of the process:

  1. California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
  2. Pennsylvania State University
  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  4. New York University
  5. University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  6. University of New Brunswick
  7. University of Ottawa
  8. University of Waterloo

Like many other cognitive systems, Watson learns by digesting large amounts of information. Essentially, the students will train Watson “by annotating and feeding the system security reports and data,” according to an IBM press release. This includes data from IBM’s X-Force research library, which contains more than 100,000 documented vulnerabilities.

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SOURCE: Tech Republic


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