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IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Heads to the Public Cloud

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

The wave of digital transformation has swept up most businesses and industries. In an attempt to ease the process, companies turn to public cloud adoption.

The public cloud offers organizations the flexibility, scalability, and access to emerging new technologies — all of which are key components to empower organizations and facilitate digital initiatives.

However, as every coin has a flip side, the adoption of public cloud also presents challenges to large enterprises with existing infrastructure investments and processes. There are many changes and disruptions introduced in tools, processes, and skill sets when moving to a public cloud environment. In order to ease the process, the IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions is now headed to the public cloud.

The IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions portfolio offers a suite of VMware-based infrastructure environments within the broader IBM Cloud, bringing to enterprises the benefits of the public cloud with minimal disruption, risk, and change. These are enabled through:

  • Offering a range of VMware options
  • Providing customers complete access to the VMware stack including administrative and root access to vCenter Server, configuration options and optional visibility down to the Intel chipset.
  • Providing customers access to an integrated set of software solutions for disaster recovery, backup, and security.
  • Enabling access to the broader IBM Cloud services including Watson for artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive services and GPU-integrated servers and rich services for emerging cloud-native architectures.
  • Ensuring a secure and compliant IT environment enabled by deep expertise and investments with IT security and compliance needs at enterprises.

All of these features and offerings are complemented by IBM’s global availability and broader IBM offerings that provide IT organizations a complete toolbox of products and services to make the most of their investment in IT modernization and enable them to lead digital transformation at their enterprises.

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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