GoToMeeting: 5 Major Benefits For Your Business

By Kashish Ambekar - Last Updated on January 7, 2020
GoToMeeting Makes Business Collaboration Simple

GoToMeeting was created to make it simple for users to sort out online gatherings, taking out the need to travel and enabling users to become more efficient with their time. GoToMeeting clients can team up virtually on reports, share presentations, perform product demos, and safely share private data from any place and at any time. GoToMeeting’s fast download, speedy meeting setup, and instinctive UI make getting coordinators and participants together in a matter of seconds simple and easy.

GoToMeeting consolidates industry-standard security measures and end-to-end SSL encryption to guarantee that login data and virtual meeting place information is secure. This abnormal state of security enables GoToMeeting clients to work together on any task or project. Clients are also guaranteed that their data including deals, finances, and contracts won’t be distinguishable to anybody aside from meeting members.

To increase your company’s savings, GoToMeeting offers an expanded list of coordinated audio conferencing administrations for online gatherings at no extra cost. With GoToMeeting’s incorporated sound, you can pick between telephone conferencing and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), or permit the extension of both options. GoToMeeting improves businesses’ coordinated efforts, regardless of individual locations. The platform hosts a huge number of gatherings each year, helping organizations of all sizes look and sound their best.

“GoToMeeting is a scalable platform that enables us to achieve explosive growth. It will enable you to talk to really large groups, and the results you’re going to get are better because with GoToMeeting you can deliver a better message. I can’t understand why you wouldn’t want to use it,” said Dana Fox, Director of Global Business Development at Athena Software

GoToMeeting comes with five major advantages that can help companies connect individuals.

1. Simplify one meeting link for every meeting and create your personal meeting URL.

2. Customize your own screen, choose colors and add an image or your company’s logo.

3. Use seamless integration of calendars from Outlook to coordinate direct meetings.

4. Share your meeting URL directly with attendees.

5. Schedule, host, or join meetings from your phone or mobile device with a simple, free app.

Video conferencing will continue to be a critical tool for business communication in the years to come. Its benefits to business are numerous and integration value beyond what you could imagine.

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Kashish Ambekar | Kashish moved to the United Arab Emirates from London after he graduated from UEL with a Masters of Business Administration specializing in Finance. Money smelled good, although tipping in rubies was a fortune in Dubai, which he couldn’t afford, let alone implement. India happened naturally by birth and the ever developing market proved no bounds in almost every Industry. The art of writing came naturally to him, short stories to profe...

Kashish Ambekar | Kashish moved to the United Arab Emirates from London after he graduated from UEL with a Masters of Business Administration specializing in Finance...

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