Google Reportedly Set to Launch Mini Google Home Speaker to Compete with Amazon’s Echo Dot

Google Reportedly Set to Launch Mini Google Home Speaker to Compete with Amazon's Echo Dot

Looks like the robot errand runner market is getting a little bit tighter. Google is reportedly developing a mini version of the Google Home smart speaker and it could be unveiled as early as this Fall. Just in time for it to do all your Christmas ordering! You shouldn’t bet, however, on being able to get it for a good deal on as it is reportedly set to compete with Amazon’s own smart speaker Echo.

The rumored device is suspected to debut at Google’s Fall hardware event along with two new Google Pixel phones, as well as a new Pixel-branded Chromebook according to Android Police. It will launch at a price similar to Amazon’s Echo Dot, which retails now at $50.00, though Google’s price could run higher if the device has more features. The Amazon Echo Dot is, of course, just a cheaper version of the $180.00 Amazon Echo device. (Though at the time of this writing, Amazon Echo runs roughly $10.00, so get the deal while you can).

While there are no hard facts, Google’s new smart speaker will probably operate similarly to the current Google Home device which does just about everything that its competitor, Amazon Echo, does; but powered by Google. It will be able to set your schedule, order things for you online, make phone calls, play music, control your smart home, etc.

I’m going to speculate that the device, since it’s always on, might listen in on your personal conversations to target you with better ads through Google Ads. Again, that’s pure speculation, but I wouldn’t put it past them.

Luke Moats
Luke Moats
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