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Google Launches Diversity Initiative for Women in Mobile Gaming

Google Launches Diversity Initiative for Women in Mobile Gaming

Google is making an effort to increase the role of women in mobile gaming within their culture and marketing. Android and Google Play are working to bring initiatives which could help make this change.

Google is launching “Change the Game” an interactive online experience that takes you through the relationship between women and mobile games in the United States. The main aim of this initiative is to focus on women who are playing mobile games, and to boost more careers for them in the gaming industry.

“It was really important for us to look at everything holistically. So, because there are so many different complex challenges when we’re talking about where we are right now, we wanted to be really careful that we weren’t drawing conclusions about women as a whole; rather, taking one step back and putting it in context of culture, and history of the industry,” Google Product Marketing Manager Kate Brennan told Digital Trends.

Google has partnered with market research company Newzoo for a study of people’s behavior when they play mobile games.

According to Newzoo, 65% of women in the US between the ages of 10 and 65 play mobile games. The survey was conducted on 3,000 people, of which 2,000 were women. According to Google Product Marketing Manager Mathilde Cohen Solal, there is a difference between how men and women approach these experiences.

“For example, women are less likely to explore a variety of genres. While men usually play games from three or more genres, women tend to play two genres or less,” said Solal in a phone call with GamesBeat. “They’re less likely to talk about games among their friends and communities. They’re less likely to identify as gamers.”

In the past, Google has taken quite a few initiatives in this area. It started a series of summer camps called Girls Make Games where young girls learned about programming and game design. Another initiative was a mobile game development program where the winners were provided all the required resources to create real games on Google Play.

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