Goodbye, Windows 10 Mobile

Goodbye, Windows 10 Mobile

Goodbye Windows 10 Mobile

Finally, Microsoft has made it official. The windows Phone is dead.

Corporate Vice President of Windows 10 and head of Microsoft’s PC tablet/phone division Joe Belfiore posted on Twitter that Microsoft will continue to support the platform with bug fixes. However, new features and hardware are no longer available, as there will be no further development.

Considering Microsoft hasn’t manufactured a Windows phone since 2015, the news isn’t really surprising. The last phone produced by the company was the Lumia 950.

Back in 2010, when the Windows operating system was launched for mobile, it was one of the boldest and most original ideas for smartphones.  Unlike Android, the Windows Phone was not a duplication of the iOS icon grid. Also unlike Android, Windows Phone ran fast and fluid on very basic hardware. Microsoft’s vision for a smartphone was very distinct and unique. However, it did not flourish beyond that point.

According to an article written by The Verge, the biggest misstep from Microsoft was its failure to follow through with its bold vision and novel design. The initial feedback given by users indicated that its features and interface were too alien, and they also faced challenges app availability.

While Belfiore said Microsoft has tried very hard to provide incentives for app developers to get apps onto Windows Mobile, the volume of users was too low for most companies to invest in the ecosystem.

Some long-standing rumors suggest that Microsoft is working on a so-called Surface Phone, giving indication that Microsoft may not completely shut its smart phone operations.

Augmented reality is considered to be the next promising step from the company. Microsoft generated a lot of hype back in 2015 with its HoloLens goggles, an eyewear that acts as a smart phone, allowing users to check text messages and view Netflix. Their vision is that the eyewear will eventually replace smartphones.

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