GE Forming Multiple Digital Industrial Partnerships

GE Forming Multiple Digital Industrial Partnerships

GE Forming Multiple Digital Industrial Partnerships

General Electric plans to develop its digital-industrial business, Chief Executive Officer John Flannery mentioned recently. The company has a budget of $2.1 billion for GE Digital this year.

— GE Digital Alliance Program is an industry first, dedicated to building the digital industrial ecosystem across global systems integrators, independent software vendors, telecommunications service providers, and technology providers

— The new program includes previous agreements with Accenture, AT&T, Cisco, SoftBank and Vodafone, and plans are underway with Capgemini. GE also has strategic alliances with Intel, Infosys, Genpact, TCS, Deloitte Digital, Softtek and Wipro Limited

— Giving participants access to digital tools and domain expertise from across GE helps expand adoption of Predix, now generally available

Predix is a new cloud-based software platform, part of GE’s new digital approach. The program links factories, power plants, and other industrial equipment to computers that increase efficiency and predict outages. Nevertheless, Predix’s is lagging behind competitors like Siemens AG, Uptake, and C3IOT. Flannery mentioned that GE will offer Predix in its own businesses: energy, oil-and-gas, aviation, healthcare, transportation and mining.

“We’re going to be more selective … and do it largely through partners,” Flannery announced at GE’s annual Minds& Machines conference.

Chief executive of the manufacturing connection Gary Mintchell also mentioned that GE “…can’t build their own ecosystem.”

The vice president for the Predix, Patrick Franklin, added “there was still room to improve Predix after the company held a two-month time-out this year to fix bugs; but the platform was showing near-100 percent stability.”

“We are paying careful attention to quality,” he said, referring to the delay in deploying Predix on Azure.

GE executives say the company is working on evolving apps for Predix to work towards sales. GE predicts that orders for Predix will increase. The latest example is Exelon Corp, which uses Predix for its nuclear, gas, and wind power plants.

“If it didn’t hit its targets, we wouldn’t be moving forward,” said Brian Hoff, Director of Corporate Strategy and Innovation at Exelon.

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