Facebook Launches Workplace Chat Apps for Mac and PC

Facebook Launches Workplace Chat Apps for Mac and PC

Facebook Launches Workplace Chat Apps for Mac and PC

Facebook has quietly launched beta versions of dedicated Facebook Workplace chat apps for Mac and PC. The apps include screen sharing, as well as the usual list of basic chat client features.

Facebook is serious about Workplace, its enterprise alliance platform. Users can create Workplace accounts that are different from their personal Facebook account, and they can use Facebook tools to network with coworkers.

The Workplace Chat app also has many other features, like native notifications so you never miss a message, support for voice and video calling, screen-sharing, group notifications, and one-to-one chats.

“This was one of the most widely requested features by customers, so we built it. The desktop app is still in beta and being tested by Workplace customers who are providing feedback that we’ll use to improve the product before a wider rollout,” said spokesperson Vanessa Chan.  Also, Workplace Chat app doesn’t require administrative privileges, so anyone should be able to install the app on their PC.

Many companies have signed up with Workplace recently, with Walmart being the latest.

Workplace has more than 14,000 businesses on board, paying $1 to $3 per user. The app is set to attract more clients with the help of screen sharing, which is much better than the sometimes-unreliable screen sharing of enterprise apps like Skype and WebEx. Workplace Chat seems to function identically on the Workplace Chat website, which claims the same text chat and media sharing capabilities.

Users will get Workplace as a default app in the new desktop, otherwise it might drown within Chrome or Firefox. The user-friendly design encourages the constant collaboration the company hopes to enable.

Anyone in a company from top-bottom can communicate by using Workplace, so it is not just for traditional white-collar office employees. Extra access points will be vital.

If you want to try out the new Workplace Chat app, you can download it for Mac from their official website. The app requires MacOS 10.9 Maverick and above to work.

Aparna Nayak
Aparna Nayak
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