Engineer Who Let His Daughter Make Viral Video About iPhone X Is Fired

Engineer Who Let His Daughter Make Viral Video About iPhone X Is Fired

Engineer Who Let His Daughter Make Viral Video About iPhone X Is Fired

Earlier this week YouTube vlogger Brooke Amelia Peterson posted a video showing off the new iPhone X. She got her hands on the iPhone X because her father is an engineer with Apple. The video was even shot from within Apple’s cafeteria and showcased a number of features of the new phone. As anticipated, the video went viral, landing on YouTube’s top trending videos.

The engineer, Ken Bauer, was fired by Apple this week.

In a new video posted this weekend, Peterson explains that the video was removed at the request of Apple and that her father was fired.

“Apple let him go,” Peterson says in the video. “At the end of the day, when you work for Apple, it doesn’t matter how good of a person you are. If you break a rule, they just have no tolerance.”

Though Apple’s new iPhone X is already available for pre-order, and Apple held an event where the media was able to use it, shoot video and take photos, the video from Peterson was a rare, candid look into an unreleased Apple device from within Apple’s own staff.

Ken Bauer is seen in the video using Apple Pay on the iPhone X. He hands the phone to his daughter, and she walks through various features.

Though the iPhone X is on the cusp of being released tomorrow, it is entirely possible that the unit Bauer had, which Peterson showed off in the video, was a pre-production unit. Even if it wasn’t, Apple likely doesn’t want its staff casually showing off unreleased products in unauthorized YouTube videos.

“I’m not mad at Apple,” Peterson said. “My dad takes absolutely full responsibility for the one rule that he broke. We’re not angry; we’re not bitter.”

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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