Embrace The New Approach Towards Customer Service Management

Embrace The New Approach Towards Customer Service Management

Adopting a New Approach to Customer Service Management

“Collaboration allows us to engage support colleagues around the world the moment you need them. It’s like you have an army of engineers behind you just helping you solve the ticket,” said Eyal Lubin, Service Operations Director at NICE Systems.

Chris Orr, VP of Support Strategy at Epicor added, “More than support, we’re focused on providing the right set of services to our customers to enable them to grow their business. A service management approach made more sense than traditional CRM to engage our customers’ business holistically.”

ServiceNow commissioned Intergram Online Research Services to survey 200 senior managers in customer service roles at U.S. firms with at least 500 employees to identify the most significant challenges they face. The top answers were:

  • Disconnected processes: 57% have difficulty connecting all service processes to provide a frictionless service experience — from the first contact to permanent problem resolution.
  • Siloed departments: 54% have departments that don’t talk to each other. Real-time collaboration capabilities that connect customer service to other departments is necessary.
  • Manual work: 50% rely on time-consuming manual processes that leave little time for strategic initiatives.

A more holistic approach to customer service management that goes beyond today’s CRM and support systems can help companies deliver excellent customer service. Rather than just focusing on managing contacts and tracking issues, modern customer service management should connect the entire organization to address the root cause of problems. It should allow teams to anticipate problems before they occur and optimize the service experience.

Here is a checklist noting all the components to modernize customer service management systems:

  • Provide an effortless service experience by allowing customers to engage when and how they want, through self-service options.
  • Make customer service a “team sport” by engaging the entire organization to solve problems.Find the root cause of issues and fix them fast by working seamlessly with engineering, operations, field service, and other departments.
  • Capitalize on IoT (Internet of Things) and new technology to identify potential problems before customers do.
  • Deliver an end-to-end customer service experience by integrating front- and back-end processes across customer service, problem and change management, asset management, and field service.
  • Proactively identify opportunities and issues to develop new services and improve existing ones.
  • Adopting a new customer service management system can help you modernize your customer service throughout every department and ensure long-term satisfaction and continued business.

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