Electrical Grid in Jeopardy after Malware Discovered

Electrical Grid in Jeopardy after Malware Discovered

Electrical Grid in Jeopardy after Malware Discovered

It seems that the threat of malware looms in our world constantly with virus attacks on banking systems, government offices, and now even utility and energy sectors like the electrical grid.

A recent discovery of a malware that has the capability of controlling or disrupting the entire power system of the world has sent shockwaves across the globe. This malware was first discovered by a computer security company, who studied a similar attack on a Ukrainian power grid.

It is reported by ESET that the virus has the ability to control all the electricity substations, its switches and circuit breakers. What this means is whomever is the source of this malicious code has the ability to control the entire power system and they can even damage the equipment used in the distribution of power.

U.S. power companies are alarmed at the level of sophistication that has gone in developing the code for this malware. They are in talks with other power companies to analyze the impact of the threat.

What has come to our attention is that the malware can easily trip the circuit breakers and in a sequence that can cause a catastrophe across the globe, mostly in the form of a total shutdown, putting the entire world at a complete standstill.

However, what is surprising is this malware named “industroyer” was not deployed to create a potential large scale damage. Second, it was very easy to use unlike other malware that was reported.

But a threat is a threat, because unlike banks, the security system around industrial control networks is not that strong. Hence, power companies across the world are working in tandem with respective governments and power associations to eliminate this threat.

Anirudh M. for TechFunnel.com

Anirudh Menon
Anirudh Menon
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