Echo Dot was Amazon’s Bestselling Product Over the Holidays

Echo Dot was Amazon’s Bestselling Product Over the Holidays

Echo Dot was Amazons Bestselling Product Over the Holidays

This holiday season, Amazon’s Echo Dot smart speaker with built-in voice assistant, Alexa, topped the sales charts. According to a jubilant announcement made by Amazon, the smallest and cheapest Alexa-powered personal assistants of the Echo line, Echo Dot, was the best-selling product on the site during the holiday season. Although the company did not announce any exact figures, they said that “tens of millions” of units of Alexa-enabled devices were sold worldwide through this period.

Other models, such as the new Echo Spot, the Echo Dot, and Echo Buttons accessories were all sold-out and are now available only for post-holiday orders. The Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote was the second most popular product, which also sold out this season.

During this time ,Alexa went up to earn the number one spot on the App Store for the first time, while the Google Home app managed to be in the top ten for a brief period.

At the time of its launch in 2015, Echo was priced at $200, which was considered too expensive and not quite user-friendly for the general consumer. Over time, with emerging technology, the cost of Echo went down. Now, you can buy an Echo Dot or Google Home for just $50, which is achievable for anyone who is looking for a system with voice controls in order to equip their modern smart home.

Amazon’s reduction in prices for this line of products could be the most important reason Alexa was introduced to more homes this holiday season. The Echo Dot is the cheapest Echo device in the market. For the holiday season, the device was on sale for $29.99, a whopping 40% discount. Echo Spot was introduced this year as an affordable and compact version of the Echo Show. The regular Echo was priced at a discounted rate of $79.99.

Tanuja Thombre
Tanuja Thombre
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