Developing Countries Are Ground Zero for Testing Cyber Attacks

Developing Countries Are Ground Zero for Testing Cyber Attacks

Developing Countries Are Ground Zero for Testing Cyber Attacks

The internet comes with a whole world of possibilities, include the ones that are a direct attack to someone’s files, digital properties, and documents. Recently, the ransomware cyber attack took the world by storm.

Since last week, hackers have held institutions hostage in roughly 80 countries through a type of malicious software called ransomware, preventing computer users from accessing their software files until specified demands are met. These demands are mostly transferring a certain amount of money to a bank account. Once the ransom is paid, the users get access to their files again. Since the malware is attached to a ransom, hence the name ransomware.

Cyber security experts did predict that a major malware attack could occur with such fast-paced developments in Artificial Intelligence technology. However, what came as a surprise was that the attack started in India instead of a big institution in a country like the UK or USA.

Later, it was discovered that developing countries are more likely to be attacked by malware as compared to developed countries. As the developing countries rush to go online, they provide a solid testing ground for hackers to test their skills and algorithms. If they’re successful, they make some quick cash and if not, they can avoid being detected, which would not be possible in the case of a well-established company or state.

“India is a place where newer AI attacks might be seen for the first time, simply because it is an ideal testing ground for those sort of attacks,” said Nicole Eagan, the CEO of Darktrace.

“You find that in Asia and among the African nations, where the economic situation is difficult and people are going to rush to get freeness rather than pay the full cost. Computers under control of attackers have a lot of bootlegging going on,” said Damian Donaldson, an information security consultant.

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