Cisco and Google Have a New Partnership Around the Hybrid Cloud

Cisco and Google Have a New Partnership Around the Hybrid Cloud

Cisco and Google Have a New Partnership Around the Hybrid Cloud

Google Cloud is now in a partnership with Cisco to link their two technological worlds. Their main goal is to give tough competition to the Amazon Web Services and its domination of the fast-growing cloud computing market.

“It’s a very complex hybrid world out there for most of our customers,” says Google Cloud partnership head Nan Boden.

Google and Cisco’s new partnership is intended to help their customers build more efficient hybrid cloud solutions. This partnership uses Google’s Kubernetes container orchestration tool, as well as the Istio service mesh for connecting and securing micro-services across clouds.

“Google Cloud and Cisco are committed to meeting customers wherever they are in their journey to the cloud,” said Diane Greene, CEO of Google Cloud. “This partnership enables developers and IT departments to seamlessly take advantage of the most open, secure tools for building modern applications in a hybrid environment.”

VMware CEO Diane Greene manages the company’s cloud operations, and this is his latest approach toward a Google partnership. Google has inked similar pacts with VMware and hyperconverged infrastructure vendor Nutanix.

However, this would be the evolutionary deal for Cisco, with Google in the company’s cloud strategy, one that has gone through many iterations in recent years.

Cisco plans to offer its users a public cloud target that it can integrate with Google. Both Cisco and Google need to figure it out how they will connect environments to create a hybrid cloud. On the other hand, they mentioned that Kubernetes will be key to this integration. Kubernetes is an open source container orchestration system developed by Google.

The companies also plan to co-integrate other open source projects, to work in this hybrid partnership, including Istio, a micro-services application platform, and Apigee, an API management system. Both Google and Cisco, along with Cisco’s partner network, will sell it in the market. A limited number of customers will be able to preview the system next year, and the companies plan to make it widely available in the second half of the year.

Overall, this is great news for customers, who all want to know more about what functionality the co-engineered hybrid cloud system could bring them.

Aparna Nayak
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