China’s Huawei to Launch Phone in U.S. in February 

China’s Huawei to Launch Phone in U.S. in February 

Chinas Huawei to Launch Phone in US in February

According to reports, the world’s third-largest smartphone brand, Chinese tech giant Huawei, is planning to launch a new phone in the US in 2018 by partnering with AT&T. This is the first time that a US carrier has given a break to a high-end, Huawei-branded smartphone.

It’s been around a year that Huawei has had this deal with AT&T. However, the Huawei phones were already in the US, in stores like Best Buy and Amazon. Because customers end up purchasing smartphones specific for their phone carrier, Huawei did not find much luck in the US market.

They also have some lower-end phones in the market, but they too are not very successful.

Most American customers don’t know much about the Huawei brand. Consequently, the company will use more than $100 million in U.S. marketing in 2018, as cited by Richard Yu, the head of Huawei’s consumer electronics division.

This will make Huawei the third-largest ad payer in the U.S smartphone market, just falling behind its competitors, Apple and Samsung.

According to JL Warren Capital LLC, iPhone shipments will fall to 25 million units in the first quarter of 2018, from 30 million units in the fourth quarter of 2017.

“Bad news here is that highly publicized and promoted X did not boost the global demand for iPhone X,” the note stated. According to studies from the investment firm, the high price point and a lack of interesting innovations are primary reasons for slower iPhone sales.

However, when we talk about the Huawei global presence, they are a hit as compared to their recognition in the U.S. The company employees 180,000 people worldwide, and recorded revenue last year was up 32 percent to about $75 billion. Also, in the third quarter, Huawei showed 11 percent of the global smartphone market, behind Apple at 13 percent and Samsung at 22 percent, as per the data from the research firm IDC.

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