Here Is How You Can Use BetterWorks To The Fullest

Here Is How You Can Use BetterWorks To The Fullest

Here Is How You Should Be Using BetterWorks

BetterWorks, a California information technology company, provides enterprise software to help businesses empower performance with goals, feedback, and data. The Business Operating System is built on Goal Science insights and operational research to help companies execute more effectively. BetterWorks caters to high profile companies such as BMW, AOL, Beachbody, and Shutterstock, among others.

A number of high-profile companies use BetterWorks to alter their goal setting and performance management processes and keep employees engaged while staying focused on objectives. With the usage of this software, 95% of companies have seen increased transparency, 91% have seen increased alignment, and 72% have noticed increased employee engagement.

Below are some insights from the organizations that use BetterWorks.

AOL, an organization with more than 5,000 employees, was facing challenges with their existing performance management process. It couldn’t keep up with the fast and evolving pace of daily business activities. Consequently, employees had little visibility about the company’s key priorities.

With the introduction of BetterWorks, AOL could view organizational information, goals, and current progress which helped to give a boost of unity among employees. Employees could also gain a better understanding of how their individual goals aligned with the company’s goals.

According to AOL’s human resources business advisor, Tracy Beltrane, “As soon as we took a look at the BetterWorks system, it was really clear this was going to help us with transparency, collaboration, and knowledge sharing across our organization.”

GoPro faced similar challenges as AOL. Employees were unaware of the company’s goals and overall mission. Due to rapid growth, employee roles weren’t always clearly communicated or aligned between teams. However, with BetterWorks, GoPro achieved transparency throughout the organization and managers could monitor and break barriers which often affected employee effectiveness.

Consumer Affairs, a consumer information and resource website, also faced several challenges as each department followed its own course of work, hoping objectives and efforts were supporting the business.

David Rosenthal, an agile coach with the organization, stated, “The ability for me to go see what my CEO’s OKRs are, or those of the person sitting next to me, really changed how we interact with each other. It’s a level of transparency we didn’t have before.”

BetterWorks can be extremely useful toward gaining transparency. Conversations between managers and subordinates can be tracked and goals are always visible. Employees can understand how their goals and work aligns with the company’s goals and vision. BetterWorks is empowering individuals to get involved in their own development and see themselves as part of the bigger picture.

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