Booster Delivers Gas to Your Car While You Work

Booster Delivers Gas to Your Car While You Work

Booster Delivers Gas to Your Car While You Work

Americans are paying the lowest amount for gas since 2009, according to the America Automobile Association. The national average dipped to just under two dollars according to some reports.

Startup Booster is changing the way we think about putting gas in our vehicles. Instead of pumping up at the gas station, Booster brings the fuel to drivers.

Jason Creme hasn’t been to a gas station in six months. That’s because Booster’s mobile gas station comes to him. Their trucks hold approximately 1,200 gallons of gas (400 premium, 800 regular unleaded) and fills up cars for customers who work in Silicon Valley, with a simple app request.

“You show up to work. You pull out your phone. You press a button. You go to work. When you come out at the end of the day, your tank’s filled up. Your tires are clean. Your windows are washed and you drive straight home, never having to stop at the gas station,” Creme said.

“I have yet to meet one person that likes to go to the gas station to get fuel,” said Frank MyCroft, one of the co-founders of Booster Fuels. MyCroft came up with the idea to make pumping gas more convenient and even safe.

“We want people to say this is the 21st century way of getting fuel and I’m going to do it from here on out,” MyCroft said.

The cost per gallon is also characteristically five cents per gallon cheaper than what we would pay at any area gas stations with no delivery charge or subscription fee.

Kashish Ambekar
Kashish Ambekar
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