Best Project Management Software in 2021

By TechFunnel Contributors - Last Updated on May 25, 2021
Best Project Management Software to Use in 2020

The fate of client-centric businesses depends on two factors — ‘The number of projects’ and ‘How well each project is being handled’. It is important to complete each project before the stipulated time to keep enjoying the trust and loyalty of clients for ages.

‘‘A project is complete when it starts working for you rather than you working for it.’’

— Scott Allen

At present, the demand for unrivaled project management software has reached a completely different level because an efficient project management system elevates project quality and increases the chances of project success. So, it is essential to choose the best project management software for your business to achieve your goals.

List of Top 21 Project Management Software

1. ProProfs Project

ProProfs Project Management tool is counted as one of the best tools as it comes with all those features required to manage projects flawlessly. Packed with features like a user-friendly dashboard, insightful reports, email notifications, Gantt charts, invoice generation, ProProfs Project allows you to keep track of all the aspects of the project in one go.

Trouble-free information sharing reduces time wasted in follow-ups. These salient features are the main reason why ProProfs Project is on the top of the list of best project management software of 2020. You just have to take one look at your dashboard, and you can check everything- who is doing what, the progress on each task, the time spent, and if there are any roadblocks.

2. Zoho Projects

Another project management software that is going to attract businesses is ‘Zoho Projects’. It is a cloud-based tool that makes the job easier with regards to project scheduling and budgeting. It also offers a myriad of features related to team collaboration, time tracking, etc. Hence, it is likely to grab the attention of businesses in 2020.

3. RaveTree

RaveTree is the name you are going to find when you search term ‘project management in 2020’ on the internet. Resource planning, automated alerts, customizable notifications, time & expense tracking, etc. are some of the crucial features that make RaveTree best-in-class project management tool.

Other advanced features include granular permissions roles, project budgeting, and a highly robust interface that allows project managers to find information easily.

4. Hive

Hive is another top project management software that is going to take the market by storm in 2020. It has already powered many multinational companies like Starbucks, IBM, etc.

Factors that go in favor of Hive are AI-powered analytics, numerous integration options, flexible tracking, and so on. With more than 1,000 integrations, Hive makes it easier for project managers to funnel all their work in one centralized place.

5. Backlog

Backlog is an all-in-one online project management tool for task management, version control, and bug tracking. Bringing together the organizational benefits of project management with the power and convenience of code management, Backlog enhances team collaboration across organizations large and small. Plan work, track progress and release code updates right in Backlog.

Why Backlog?

  • Task management, bug tracking, and version control in one tool
  • Visual Gantt and Burndown charts for better planning and resource management
  • Kanban-style boards for each project make it easy to view every task as they move through your workflow
  • Built-in Git and SVN repositories
  • Custom statuses and workflows to suit your project
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS users

6. Wrike

Wrike, a well-designed project management software, helps in streamlining the project workflow. With the help of Gantt charts, this tool shows a clear visual timeline to project managers so that necessary actions can be taken if there is any chance of a delay.

It is a complete example of real-time project management software, excellent in gaining visibility, streamlining workflows, and enabling easy collaboration.

7. Monday is an award-winning project management software as it makes project-related tasks such as planning, tracking, and collaborating easier.

However, the factor that brings down the significance of this tool is the unavailability of functionalities related to project accounting and invoicing. However, its integration capabilities include applications like Jira, GitHub, Zapier, Google Calendar, Dropbox, and many more.

8. FunctionFox

The factor that sets FunctionFox apart from the above-listed software applications is it offers three unique levels of project management software. This gives companies the luxury to choose the project management tool as per their business requirements.

Besides this, features like custom fields, group, and individual calendars, etc. give an immersive experience to project managers. It is a simple online timesheet along with project management tools to track all running projects with regards to its completion, profits, and the best of all, time-saving.

9. Clarizen

Clarizen has managed to break into this list due to its fully-featured project management software. This is going to be the best project management tool of 2020 because it lets project managers enjoy transparency and avoid chaotic situations. It gives one-click access to check the progress of each project with aplomb.

It is very simple to invite internal and external stakeholders on this platform, which eventually helps the whole team to share ideas and deliver the best possible results in lesser time.

10. WorkFlowMax

WorkFlowMax has managed to get a spot in the top 10, because this project management tool enables you to do tasks related to time tracking, quoting, scheduling, invoicing, and reporting seamlessly. Precisely, this software paves the way for flawless task management. Its job costing system lets you have a track of costs spent on each project.

11. Brightpod

The factor that draws attention towards Brightpod is its remarkable board interface, which gives an awesome experience when it comes to tracking projects. Plus, hassle related to tracking recurring tasks disappears for good with Brightpod. And project managers can check out the overall progress of projects at a glance by simply clicking one button.

12. Basecamp

Basecamp is listed as the 11th best project management tool, as it enables teams to collect relevant data in one place and cut down project management costs. Its customized workflow for internal and external stakeholders makes Basecamp a “One-Stop-Shop” for all. Simple to use, accurate reporting, and a separate dashboard for every project, are some of its salient features.

13. Teamwork projects

Teamwork is a HubSpot integration-capable tool, which is quite well known in the field of project management. Teamwork focuses on bringing remote workers together and reducing unnecessary team meetings. Along with a drag-and-drop interface, this tool has an inbuilt document editor to edit files within the application.

14. Liquidplanner

Liquidplanner is intuitive software with a different project methodology that sets timelines based on estimates. This tool is designed for smart scheduling of projects with features like cross-project visibility, data accessibility in real time, effort estimation, etc. In addition, it offers a priority-based scheduler so that every team can know which project needs to be prioritized.

15. Asana

Asana is usually the product managers’ favorite project management tool. This is because it helps them follow and monitor projects at every stage, in a real-time frame. It does offer integrations with other software. However, there is no such proprietary tool to collaborate. You can use tools such as Google Drive, Weekdone, etc. to track project updates.

16. Podio

Podio is a project management tool that helps you segregate all departmental communication on one single platform with customization features. It is considered as the best project management software of 2020 because of its salient features.

Options like file sharing, add extensions, and integration makes the tool more reliable. Plus, you can create custom webforms so that all relevant information can be collected and sent directly to the tool.

17. Workamajig

Workamajig falls in the category of the best tool for project management of 2020, as it collaborates accounting, media, production, and new business into one software platform. For media billing, it can be integrated with STRATA and SmartPlus along with improved return on investment. It also has features of resource planning and project tracking.

18. 10,000ft Plans

Project management in 2021 can be way easier with a tool like 10,000ft Plans, which comes with an interactive interface with visually enhanced features. The software is designed with inbuilt thinking tools that help you gather data and present the design as per the client’s requirement.

It consists of inbuilt design tools for data analysis with an interactive dashboard to track project status.

19. FileStage

FileStage is a tool that is designed to upgrade the tricky feedback process to a seamless workflow. It allows both internal and external team members to comment on audios, videos, documents, and images in real-time.

It also allows project managers to exercise full supervision over the entire project status. Moreover, FileStage offers a transparent platform of visibility where the entire team can see all the recent changes made on each project.

20. ProofHub

Listed as one of the best project management software, ProofHub helps project managers to make their teams more accountable and deliver projects on time. It is a cloud-based project management tool with Gantt Chart features that helps in improving resource usage and develop new project strategies. The software also speeds up the review process of files and documents for clarity of complex processes.

21. Trello

Trello is a web-based project management tool owned by Atlassian. The features of this software make it highly functional and organized. It offers integrations with a variety of other platforms, including Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. It also provides flexibility to keep track of the progress on both desktops and mobiles.

22. WorkFront

WorkFront is an ideal option for owners of enterprise business however, it is a bit complicated than others in the list. It focuses on providing a solution to project management in the digital age and optimizes the process with real-time insights. WorkFront has the ability to organize project tasks into stories and points with a sophisticated reporting mechanism.

Final thoughts

In this digital era, where companies want to gain the upper hand on their business rivals and push their profits to the next level, it is vitally important to manage all projects perfectly.

With the help of this write-up, we have uncovered the top 21 best project management software so that you can enjoy smooth workflow while running a business. The aforementioned project management tools are going to be the talk of the town in 2021, considering their reasonable pricing and unrivaled features.


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