Benefits of Reviews and Ratings For Your Business

Benefits of Reviews and Ratings For Your Business

How to Use Reviews and Ratings to Your Advantage

Customer reviews play a critical role in the success of an organization. In the e-commerce sector, particularly, the degree of importance increases tenfold. First-time buyers who buy products through online portals rely heavily on customer reviews and testimonials. Products are not available for trial, and buyers base their purchases on what they see, which makes it difficult to judge the quality of these products. Reviews and feedback forums build trust among customers.

Customer reviews are tools that enable faster conversion. Conversion rates are directly linked to sales. The more positive reviews there are about a product, the greater the possibility is for a boost in sales. According to CompUSA, more than 61 percent of consumers have read customer reviews before they buy a product online. Nielsen indicated that 92 percent of customers will trust reviews on earned media more than paid advertisements.

How can customer reviews be leveraged to boost sales? Well, here are a few useful tips:

Spotlight reviews:

Having a single customer review (although we hope it is more) can boost sales by 10 percent. Even if there is only customer review, put it on your store’s website and make sure visitors see it. This brings a great advantage to your product or brand.

Marketing channels integration:

It is better to have customer reviews integrated into all marketing channels. Put reviews on newsletters, banner ads, and even social media profiles. Customer reviews give confidence to potential buyers to take the step and buy your product or service.

Use social media:

Social media should not be underutilized when attempting to bring in new customers. Look at Facebook: It has over 2 billion users worldwide with a healthy mix of people from various regions of the world and from various generations. If Facebook users are your target, this audience would expect to see product reviews on Facebook.

Handle negative reviews right:

More than 65 percent of consumers trust brands that display positive AND negative reviews. What companies must do is manage negative comments in a proper manner. This means acknowledging feedback and sending a thank-you note and working toward a solution and ensuring all other viewers know the issue is resolved.

Reviews can be considered a great tool in the process of sales and customer engagement. It still needs to be planned and implemented strategies to ensure companies get the right ROI on such an emphasis. The more your brand is trusted, the happier customers will be, and the more business you will receive.

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