Benefits of Integrated Cloud Stacks

Benefits of Integrated Cloud Stacks

The Advantages of Integrated Cloud Stacks

The world of technology constantly brings with it new ideas and methods of efficiency. Digital transformation has become part of the biggest components for organizations as many are in need of advanced IT platforms that provide a versatile interface and supports multiple workloads. The use of such integrated clouds lay the foundation for new technological advances, along with an increase in organizations making the transition.

The International Data Corporation (IDC) has done some research on the topic and found that 9% of enterprise-scale organizations plan to utilize integrated cloud stacks within the next 3 years. The demand has given a boost to a technology used in enterprises. As cloud environments become more complex, current tools to manage IT infrastructures will no longer be sufficient to scale with IT cloud operations.

For most technology companies, the adoption of a hybrid cloud is somewhat challenging in terms of connectivity and integration. It is, therefore, important for cloud services to allow for a compatible system that promotes both the technology and the business aspects of the company. The IDC reported that current Asia and Pacific cloud users have around 8 to 11 cloud service providers, and they are expected to increase their providers to approximately 10 to 12 by 2018. However, by their own accounts, the ideal cloud service provider is less than 5.

The expansion in cloud providers is the result of individual best-of-breed cloud services that have created service delivery chains typically known to be less reliable and more intricate. The best solution to this problem is integrating components of cloud services to lower the number of providers that are using. This is possible by investing in technological tools and processes that aim to become more efficient. It is very important to understand which services benefit your company and which are unhelpful.

The transition of integrated cloud stacks has become an attractive choice for companies that utilize various cloud service providers. Through analytics, new platforms with more efficient interfaces are expected to rise, and providers will likely shrink to promote specific platforms.

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