Apple’s Cofounder Deactivates Facebook Page Over Privacy Chaos

Apple’s Cofounder Deactivates Facebook Page Over Privacy Chaos

As Facebook remains under the magnifying lens of suspicion, Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, has become the most recent tech titan to disassociate himself from the social network’s imperfections.

Wozniak disclosed to USA TODAY he’s leaving Facebook due to their lack of regard for the private data of clients: “Users provide every detail of their life to Facebook and … Facebook makes a lot of advertising money off this,” Wozniak wrote in an email to the newspaper. “The profits are all based on the user’s info, but the users get none of the profits back. Apple makes its money off of good products, not off of you,” Wozniak said. “As they say, with Facebook, you are the product.”

Elon Musk dove in a month ago in the wake of disclosures of a sizable information break that came about because of a connection with research firm Cambridge Analytica. At first, it was reported that individual data for 50 million Facebook clients had been traded off — the number was then balanced upward to 87 million. Facebook organizer Mark Zuckerberg is in Washington this week and will affirm in Congress tomorrow about the information crisis.

While the data crisis has been a brand emergency for Facebook in the U.S. and in different parts of the world, the organization has 2 billion worldwide clients and numerous individuals consider this to be merely a blip. Although Facebook will probably confront some type of administrative limitation in the close term, the #DeleteFacebook swarm has not prevailed.

Zuckerberg cleared his points in a following interview with Vox, calling Cook’s comments “extremely glib. If you want to build a service which is not just serving rich people, then you need to have something that people can afford,” said Zuckerberg. Highlighting the business model of his own company, Zuckerberg also said: “At Facebook, we are squarely in the camp of the companies that work hard to charge you less and provide a free service that everyone can use. I don’t think at all that that means that we don’t care about people.”

Kashish Ambekar
Kashish Ambekar
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