Apple Thinks iPhone X Presales Are Going Great Despite Concerns

Apple Thinks iPhone X Presales Are Going Great Despite Concerns

Apple Thinks iPhone X Presales Are Going Great Despite Concerns

iPhone X, the latest phone by Apple slated for release tomorrow, sold out within minutes of being made available for pre-order in September. The previous version, the iPhone 8, had sufficient stock for near-immediate shipment. The estimated shipping time for the iPhone X is set at 5 to 6 weeks.

CEO Tim Cook announced the iPhone X in September, calling it “the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone.” Since his announcement, the phone has been in the news for various reasons, mostly because of its features and its pricing. While there were a lot of mixed reactions to the features, there were also rumors that Apple and its suppliers have been struggling with manufacturing its advanced TrueDepth camera system and Face ID feature. Due to these challenges, it appears Apple may go through a tough time during the release. Despite the unwanted attention, pre-launch stock sold out within minutes. The phone will still be available in 55 countries and territories.

Now, due to its limited supply, Apple is expected to ship only 2-3 million iPhone X pre-orders globally. It appears it will be difficult to find the device during the holiday season.

By Apple’s accounts, pre-sales are going quite well for the iPhone X. However, there have been mixed reviews by analysts about the stock shortage: “Any time you can get people to pre-commit to a product that’s not available, it’s good news,” said Julie Ask, a Forrester Research analyst. “It gives you a lot of visibility, it’s less expensive than selling it to people in stores, it’s easier to tell people when it’s going to arrive.”

However, some say the wait could drive potential buyers to opt for alternatives, like Google’s Pixel 2.

According to a forecast by KGI securities, iPhone X shipments will be 25-30 million units. Their previous estimate was 30-35 million units. iPhone X is scheduled to arrive in stores tomorrow, November 3rd.

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