Apple Releases Public Beta Version for First iOS 11

Apple Releases Public Beta Version for First iOS 11

The wait for the anticipated iOS 11 beta version is over, as Apple released its first public beta version for the update earlier this week. There are new features that will make Apple enthusiasts jump out of their seats, with the following updates being the most prominent:

Control Center

The control center has been amped with a cleaner, more innovative look. Users will be able to customize their control center to meet their specific needs, but the new set-up definitely makes it more user-friendly for iPhone and iPad users.

Dark Mode

The new dark mode feature allows the iPhone to invert the colors of the display only, not the graphics, photos, etc. This allows for a more stable battery life, and definitely has more of a matte look than the typical white layout.

iPad Interface Upgrade

The iPad has been a unique innovation in the portable device industry, but the new update gives it more of a MacBook feel. Users now have a dock to easily access their favorite apps, and can drag and drop files in the new update. The upgrade also allows users to get work done more efficiently with an array of Office-esque tools, such as more uses for the Apple Pencil.

This update is something every Apple user has been looking forward to, and through trial and error with the beta, it is interesting to see how the iOS update transitions into our everyday lives.

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Mohammad Ali Sultani
Mohammad Ali Sultani
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