Apple to Launch 3 New iPhone Models in 2018

Apple to Launch 3 New iPhone Models in 2018

Apple to Launch 3 New iPhone Models in 2018

Rumors spread across the web last week about a major change in the smartphone market. Apple is moving to bet on OLED technology as the next step in mobile evolution.

The first outlet to break the news was Nikkei Asian Review who obtained information from two sources. They stated that the Cupertino company was planning to present three iPhone models by 2018 and all will be equipped with organic light-emitting diode (OLED).

Past rumors on the iPhone 9 start to make sense now as the OLED display will enable an end to end display viewed in several mock-ups and prominent features expected for the next generation of Apple’s flagship device.

But before the OLED iPhone comes to your Apple Store, there are still challenges to face including the production capacity of the OLED manufacturers.

Only Samsung Display is capable of produce OLED displays for mobile devices now, but other manufacturers such as Foxconn’s Sharp are heavily investing in improving their production capability because, for now, no one could provide the mass numbers that a full OLED iPhone production will require.

Foxconn has been confirmed as the manufacturer of all iPhones through 2017, but Apple is shaking up its flagship device production in order to totally redesigned it.

“We are not going to go through things we’re going to do in 2019, ‘20, ‘21,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said this past June as the rumors increased. “It’s not because we don’t know that. It’s because we don’t want to talk about that.”

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