Amazon Releases First Waterproof Kindle

Amazon Releases First Waterproof Kindle

Amazon Releases First Waterproof Kindle

For the last decade Amazon has been selling the Amazon Kindle, with upgrades and advancements every now and then. However, the latest version offers a new feature in that it’s a waterproof Kindle.

The new Kindle Oasis now comes with an IPX8 waterproof rating. An upgrade to the premium version launched last year, the Kindle Oasis moved from a 6-inch screen to a 7 inch screen and has an aluminum back, giving it a classier and edgy look and feel.

Source: GQ

The new Oasis relies on its built-in battery. It has a similar physical design, with one thicker side that tapers down on the other side for one-handed reading. The screen resolution remains the same at 300 pixels per inch. The new model, however, has LED lights for a brighter, more even-looking display. It also has ambient light sensors that adjust the brightness as you move from room to room or from outside to inside.

The device offers physical page-turn buttons and the touchscreen page-turn option. It features a USB port for charging the battery. Another great feature is the in-built Audible app. While the device doesn’t have speakers, it can be connected to speakers via Bluetooth. Kindle Oasis connects through both Wi-Fi and 4G LTE.

The Kindle Oasis has been tested in two meters of water for up to 60 minutes and has been tested in different water environments, such as hot tubs, pools and bubble baths. The company does, however, recommend that people stand the Kindle upright after it’s been wet or submerged.

The device is open for pre-orders. It starts at $250 for an 8 GB model. Amazon plans on getting the orders shipped by the end of October.

Amazon denied to comment on how many units of the Kindle have been sold. But Kevin Keith, Amazon’s general manager of devices, said in an interview that sales are still “quite good,” with “tens of millions” sold. He also noted that Kindle is in more countries than any other Amazon device.

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