Amazon Piloting New Spiritual Talk Show

Amazon Piloting New Spiritual Talk Show

Amazon recently completed the pilot of a new show, one that goes inside of Judah Smith’s services at Churchome in Beverly Hills. The show sees the pastor conversing with high-profile figures about the core issues of life. The show’s working title is “Big Talk,” and each one-hour episode is expected to focus on examining “the meaning of life instead of plugging a movie or book.” Churchome is attended by such stars as Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

Smith will take a seat with some of his acclaimed flock to talk about unavoidable questions, an opportunity for Smith to convey what Christianity is to a larger audience. While the tenets of the faith are the same, the image Smith is likely to show is one of diversity, a hip kind of Christianity that attracts a wide range of churchgoers from all walks of life, praising Jesus.

Smith’s home church, Churchome, is situated in Seattle, Washington, with a numbers of locations including one in Los Angeles.

Smith may not be as notable in traditional religious circles. His inclination toward torn jeans and t-shirts separates him from the typical full-suited preacher, making him more approachable to younger audiences. However, his goal is the same as most other preachers: to spread the good news, the gospel, to those in his city and around the world. Churchome, which used to be called City Church, changed its name recently to more precisely mirror the mission.

“As we look toward the future, we feel God clarifying our direction as a church,” the church’s website reads. “For many years God called us to be a city. Now we believe he is also calling us to be a home.”

There has been a great deal of changes at Amazon especially following the dismissal of Amazon Studios executive Roy Price over sexual harassment claims. It is unclear what the dates are now for the new show series. In any case, there is one factor in its corner: Heather Schuster, the official who supervised the creation of the “Big Talk” pilot, is currently running the company’s unscripted programming division after the flight of Conrad Riggs. Previously, she was a producer on Donald Trump’s The Apprentice.

Kashish Ambekar
Kashish Ambekar
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