Amazon Launches Instagram-Inspired Spark

Amazon Launches Instagram Inspired Spark

Amazon Launches Instagram Inspired Spark

Amazon has officially launched Spark, an Instagram inspired app that allows users to easily shop for goods using a social media timeline feed. In an effort to promote more product reviews and an increase in online users, Amazon has paved the way for online shopping vendors to integrate with the social media industry.

Spark will allow Amazon users to post pictures of themselves with their purchased Amazon item, and through the picture, another user can purchase the product shown in the photo with an easily accessible button. Amazon Spark gives users the opportunity to select five or more interests, such as “Books,” “Food, and “Technology” and afterward be provided with a customized feed that includes product reviews and photos related to the chosen categories.

Per Engadget’s review, if you choose to “contribute your own content to Spark, you’ll be considered an ‘Enthusiast’ and will get a badge once you post or write a product review [and] Spark users can also comment on others’ posts and give it a ‘smile’ if they so choose — the Spark version of a Like or Favorite.”

There are also certain perks if you are an Amazon Prime member and a few drawbacks if you aren’t. You must be an Amazon Prime member in order to contribute or comment on posts within the app, and if you aren’t an Amazon Prime member, you’ll be able to create a feed but your ability to post or comment will be restricted.

Amazon Spark is currently only available for U.S. customers on iOS, and if you’re a social media or online purchasing fanatic, this may be the perfect app for you.

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Mohammad Ali Sultani
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