Amazon Buys GameSparks for $10 Million

Amazon Buys GameSparks for $10 Million

Amazon Buys GameSparks for $10 Million

Amazon and its enterprise cloud division AWS are expanding the company to create a platform that will build and host games. One of the latest developments is its acquisition of GameSparks.

The gaming company based in the U.K., serves as a “backend as a service” for game developers to build various features like leader boards into games, and then manage them in the cloud. According to documents from PitchBook, the acquisition price was $10 million.

Amazon’s interest in GameSparks fits well with what the company has built in the gaming space and specifically with hosting games in the cloud.

GameSparks, cofounded by Griffin Parry (CEO), Gabriel Page (CTO) and John Griffin (COO), allows game developers to build “server-side capability” for games by way of APIs and a cloud-based coding tool, and then manage those features after launch. It offers cross-platform compatibility and supports all major engines and stores including Unreal, Unity, PS4, XBOX, iOS, Google Play, and Steam. GameSparks counts large studios like Rovio, Ubisoft, Square Enix, and Bandai Namco as well as more independent developers, as customers.

“The GameSparks platform offers a single integrated tool to build these server components, boosting player retention and maximising revenue without ever having to set up and run a server, Enjoy peace of mind in fast growth environments with GameSparks’ dynamically scalable cloud-based capacity and high quality 24/7 infrastructure management,” according to an AWS market space listing.

Games remains one of the largest drivers in app revenue, and it’s no surprise Amazon has put a lot of investment into it, both as a distributor (on its own app store, on Twitch, and elsewhere); and as a platform for helping to create them.

Kashish Ambekar
Kashish Ambekar
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