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AetherPal Acquired by VMware

AetherPal Acquired by VMware

VMware is expanding its product portfolio, as it announced the acquisition of AetherPal which develops software that helps companies support employee endpoints and IoT devices.

Shankar Iyer, the Vice President of End-User Computing at VMware, wrote that AetherPal “has transformed the ability of carriers, enterprises, OEMs, and customers to optimize the experience for smart devices, utilizing real-time data, while ensuring complete user privacy, significantly reducing support costs, and dramatically improving the end user experience, resulting in extended device lifecycle and increased brand loyalty.”

The New Jersey based company brings to the table a service that enables administrators to remotely maintain those devices. The offering, named Remote Support, helps users quickly bring up the configuration files and other diagnostics data needed to troubleshoot a malfunctioning endpoint.

The AetherPal platform can remotely view, in real-time, the screens of smartphones, tablets, and laptops, and enable central IT to control, troubleshoot and fix devices and the applications they run.

The software runs on over 45 million endpoints around the world. Companies use remote support with a wide range of devices including employee phones, handheld scanners, point-of-sale systems and even certain types of medical equipment.

VMware has been offering AetherPal’s software as part of Workspace One since 2017. Following the completion of the acquisition, VMware plans to integrate the two solutions more tightly and add support for more use cases. AetherPal’s technology will allow VMware administrators to remotely connect all devices through the Workspace ONE console over any browser. This will enable them to view device screens in real time, gain visibility into device operating systems and hardware information, as well as transfer files to remote devices.

AetherPal’s employees will join VMware’s End User Computing team. The financial terms of the deal with VMware have not been disclosed.

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