5 Limitations For Turning Browsers Into buyers

5 Limitations For Turning Browsers Into Buyers

Turn Browsers into Buyers with Effective Browse Recovery

In the era of e-commerce, one thing that can completely turn off prospects is an overcrowded and unpleasant website. The purpose of online retailing is to provide convenience to customers, making it easy for them to find what they need when they need it. When a customer has to keep searching and logging in over and over again, it taints their experience.

To avoid limiting your customers’ experience, here are a few roadblocks to avoid when seeking to turn browsers into buyers:

1. Mandatory Login

While companies try to obtain information for their CRM database from browsers, having a mandatory login procedure is a common and avoidable mistake. An easy solution would be to offer a guest checkout option. On the landing page, you could simply ask buyers to fill in relevant information, thus covering all your bases.

2. Poor website design

Another very common roadblock is a poor website design. Many times, if a browser is unable to find options such as filters or search icons, they will move on to another platform that is easier for them to use. A simple solution for this is to invest in creating a beautiful website with a user-friendly interface and highlighted options.

3. Security Concerns

A third major point of contention for many online shoppers is the security of their personal information. As 2017 has proved, hacks and breaches are becoming increasingly more popular, leaving browsers fearful that their details could fall into the wrong hands. To bring some peace of mind to buyers, consider adding security information or certificates early in the process to put your shoppers’ minds at ease. Channel your payments interface through trusted UPI platforms and provide multiple payment options so customers can use what they feel safe using, instead of going for mandatory options.

4. Pick up where you left off

Make good use of internet cookies and browser history to provide browsers the option of picking up where they left off. Retain items in the shopping cart if they have not been purchased yet, and make available a “last viewed” search option so the customer experience can be enhanced.

5. Social sharing options

Enable social sharing options for various products so customers can share product pages with their connections. This will not only make buying easy for the customer but will also

increase the number of hits and views on your website as they will share links and images from your site with their friends and family.

Browse Recovery can also dd automation to your email marketing plans and help to move shoppers further along in the sales funnel, transforming them from browsers to buyers.

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Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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