5 Crucial Reasons Why You Should Start Using e-Signature in your Business

5 Crucial Reasons Why You Should Start Using e-Signature in your Business

5 Great Reasons to Make Electronic Signatures a Part of Your Business

Tools and technologies made accessible to businesses and consumers have made life faster, easier, and more accurate. However, there is one area in which businesses have yet to adopt digital technology: signatures. Even the largest enterprises rely heavily on traditional pen-and-paper signatures, as 80% of businesses still use this method. This process that involves printing, scanning and faxing papers manually is not only cumbersome but can impact your brand image and overall customer experience.

According to Adobe, here are some important and startling statistics about the pains related to physical signatures

· More than 33% of businesses have problems with agreements that are either missing signatures or initials or are signed by the wrong person.

· Close to 50% of businesses is not sure if they have copies of all signed agreements.

· Around 51% of businesses have challenges with documents that are misfiled.

Electronic signatures are accepted by enterprises worldwide which make the task of signing documents faster and allows businesses to close deals sooner. If you aren’t sure whether to switch to electronic signatures, here are five important reasons to consider doing so.

1. Have your own workflow

E-signatures expedite business processes. It’s not just about collecting signatures, e-signatures help to automate operational processes from the creation of documents to collaboration, execution, and archiving.

2. Zero seconds to sign and send documents

Electronic signatures do not slow down an enterprise. In fact, employees can do the entire process of signing and send documents using tools like Microsoft Word, Dropbox, and other enterprise applications. It takes seconds to sign and send.

3. Easy to put e-signatures into action

Electronic signatures are easy to implement as platforms are coming up with better integration methods that work seamlessly with enterprise applications.

4. Legally obliged

With electronic signatures, organizations are legally bound to execute agreements within a stipulated time, ensuring there are no delays.

5. Secure data

Electronic signature platforms ensure more data security at the file level, so there are no security breaches, and business operations move without obstruction.

If you want your business to become a complete digital enterprise, it is imperative to take care of the last hurdle, which is e-signatures. Adopting electronic signatures is a key element to your business workflow. Once successfully implemented, it will deliver an exceptional customer experience through a seamless process.

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