3 Barriers that Block Marketers’ Understanding of the Customer Journey

3 Barriers that Block Marketers’ Understanding of the Customer Journey

3 Barriers that Block Marketers Understanding of the Customer Journey

Understanding the customer journey is approximately 80% of a marketer’s job. Yet, more than 66.67% of CMOs and marketing professionals are unclear about the fundamental milestones in a customer’s journey from lead to a promoter.


Source: HubSpot

The customer’s journey can mainly be categorized into 3 stages – awareness, consideration, and decision.

Source: HubSpot

As a marketer, it is essential to understand customers’ mindsets at every level. To do this, we must overcome several barriers that hinder our understanding.

Here are a few common barriers:

1: Ineffective Content

It does not matter how attractive your landing page is or how high your average conversion rate is, if your content is stale, leads will eventually lose interest. Another characteristic of ineffective content is an irrelevance to the lead’s interests. A great way to facilitate effective content for converting your leads is to study their clicks and buyer personas thoroughly. Sending out generalized content could be very harmful in the long run.

2: Contact barriers

If there is too much distance between the first time you reach out to your leads and the second or third time, there’s a good chance your messages will either be ignored or you’ll see several go the way of an unsubscribe. A good way to understand the right time to reach out is to understand buyer personas and to categorize them by morning, afternoon, and nighttime leads.

3: Content disparities

In many cases, content can become too technical for your leads. If such a situation arises, leads may lose interest and start ignoring and deleting your emails. This gets you nowhere. It becomes important to re-plan your content strategy. One good way to do so is to hire writers and follow an editorial calendar.

Keeping these points in mind, marketers can travel with their customers on a wonderful journey from site visitor to company loyalist to brand promoter.

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