2018 Will See a TV Service Launched by T-Mobile

2018 Will See a TV Service Launched by T-Mobile

2018 Will See a TV Service Launched by T-Mobile

Telecoms company T-Mobile declared that it will start a cable TV service in 2018 that might prove tough competition to traditional providers like Comcast and Time Warner.

According to sources, to enter this sector, T-Mobile is attaining Layer3 TV to support this move.

This news was announced by the T-Mobile CEO, John Legere, who mentioned that the decision is a logical next step for T-Mobile, given the general customer dissatisfaction with traditional cable TV offerings.

In the field of TV services, the Layer3 TV is considered as a new cable TV service provider. The service uses an internet connection to bring high quality TV channels similar to the traditional copper cable infrastructure competitors.

The benefits of the Layer3 TV are a-la-carte channel selection, online streaming apps, and a premium cable box that can be connected to smaller boxes via WiFi so you can watch TV in other rooms.

As of now, Layer3 TV is only available in Chicago, Washington D.C, Los Angeles, and Dallas/Fort Worth. As of now, reports are unclear for when T-Mobile’s cable TV service will be available on a larger scale, but T-Mobile has promised that it will arrive in 2018.

T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere cited that “T-Mobile is going to Un-Carrier your TV,” referring to the company’s “Un-Carrier” mobile data service that’s meant to be fairer and more attractive to customers than traditional mobile data plans from companies like Verizon and AT&T.

“We’re about to take the fight to big cable and satellite TV on behalf of consumers everywhere,” Legere alleged.

Until now no one has any news regarding T-Mobile’s service, like how much it’ll cost, the channels they will provide, or when they are launching. Nonetheless, T-Mobile will provide tough competition to AT&T for bundling its own DirecTV Now service with cellular plans.

T-Mobile’s services will look like an assimilation of live TV and services like Netflix and Hulu, all while adding social media, so that you can see the shows your friends are watching. However, these are still just speculations until the service launches publicly.

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