Zenefits Hires First HR Chief
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Zenefits Hires First HR Chief

Zenefits Hires First HR Chief

Zenefits, the leading digital HR platform for both large and small businesses, was designed as the single source of truth for managing the modern workforce. Zenefits’ applications like HR, Benefits, Time, Payroll, and Compliance work well together with partner applications like email, collaboration, expense management, and employee engagement to create a powerful, integrated platform.

While Zenefits is experiencing a flourishing business, they have made a few amendments to their management. CEO Jay Fulcher recently brought in the company’s first ever HR Chief, Beth Steinberg.

“One of the big priorities I had pretty much right out of the gate in February was to build a strong and diverse team of industry veterans that have a passion for the industry and what we’re trying to do at Zenefits,” Fulcher said.

“I think that my focus is really on moving Zenefits forward,” Steinberg told TechCrunch. “I certainly acknowledge and appreciate what has gone on there. I’ve studied it, read about it. My focus is really going to be to get people to not look back. Even though we can look back and learn from the mistakes we made, but not focus on that and really try to move the company forward.”

“I see this as a ubiquitous issue in Silicon Valley,” Steinberg said. “There’s not enough time and attention spent on developing leadership capabilities and when companies scale it can become a big issue. My perspective is that leadership is a craft and a skill and it can’t be assumed.”

Another major hire by Zenefits was Lisa Reeves, the company’s new Senior Vice President of Product.

“Lisa is a passionate leader and highly respected product visionary in the SaaS enterprise software sector,” said Jay Fulcher, CEO of Zenefits. “Lisa joins Zenefits at the perfect time, helping lead our talented team as we expand our market reach as well as the breadth of our products and solutions. Lisa’s knowledge and experience will help Zenefits shape the future of the HR industry.”

Other new hires include Chief Operating Officer Jeff Carr and Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Marasco. All the new executives bring deep experience from across the technology, software and human resources industries.

Fulcher plans to bring Zenefits back as the market leader in the HR space and the new hires are expected to help him meet his goals.

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