Zenefits Announces Performance Management Tool
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Zenefits Announces Performance Management Tool

Zenefits Announces Performance Management Tool

Zenefits has announced plans to widen its People Platform with more extensive functionality. Integrated into its suite of HCM applications and expanding on its staff onboarding abilities, the new highlights will help small and medium-sized businesses start talent management activities effortlessly and cost-effectively.

Joining HR, benefits, payroll, time and compliance, Zenefits’ People Platform helps streamline workflows gives employees more direct access to and control over their HR information.

“Many of our customers have asked us to build agile performance reviews, feedback, check-ins and employee engagement capabilities into the Zenefits platform,” said Lisa Reeves, senior vice president of product at Zenefits. “Like other Zenefits apps, we are building this from the ground up as a tightly integrated component of our overall platform that leverages the employee system of record.”

The organization recently handed off its insurance business in the midst of its huge rebranding. As new companies and independent ventures get bigger, it makes more sense for them to work with local brokers or other providers. CEO Jay Fulcher at the time said this was indicated the potential risk of organizations graduating out of the platform.

“This request has come up repeatedly from our customers, and really came to light as a result of surveying over 300 customers in Q2 this year, where more than 93 percent showed interest in this area,” COO Jeff Carr said. “With customers changing their perception of Zenefits as their HR partner as opposed to just their broker, we wanted to ensure we were delivering on that with increased functionality.”

Zenefits’ includes flexible performance reviews, enabling managers to make a variety of reviews from customizable templates. Managers can also track group review progress through a basic dashboard, and representatives and associates can finish surveys and give criticism from their cell phones.

“We understand there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and many companies require deeper capabilities,” said Reeves. “With Zenefits Connect, customers who need a deeper level of talent functionality can tap into our ecosystem of partner solutions for talent acquisition, performance, development and engagement/retention.”

Kashish Ambekar
Kashish Ambekar
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