Workey Aims to Make Recruitment Look Sexy
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Workey Aims to Make Recruitment Look Sexy

Workey Aims to Make Recruitment Look Sexy

Workey is an artificial intelligence-powered hiring and recruitment app that enables users to discover career opportunities anonymously. The app customizes job searches, which saves a lot of time spent on active job hunting.

The AI refers to each user’s career history as compared to that of millions of others. Based on its findings, the AI suggests career opportunities in real time. The app is designed in the form of a curly-haired chatbot called Melanie that asks a series of questions related to a person’s current job, skills sets and the opportunities they’re trying to explore. They also have to upload their CV and link their LinkedIn profile. Once this preliminary process is complete, the app finds job opportunities that suit or match with a person’s criteria.

The concept is similar to Tinder in that users can swipe through available job opportunities mapped to their potential career path. On the other hand, recruiters can browse candidates’ profiles, which are kept anonymous. If there is a mutual match, meaning if the candidate likes any particular job opening and the recruiter likes the candidate’s profile, both are introduced to each other.

More than 500 companies, including Oracle, Dell, and Cisco, use Workey to find software-engineering talent.

“During my own career as a software engineer, I’d always ask myself: ‘Where do I see my career heading?’ My fellow co-founders and I realized that people hate that question and decided to build Workey,” says Ben Reuveni, co-founder and CEO. “Workey uses AI to compare your unique career history to millions of others to suggest highly personalized open career opportunities in real time.”

Job searching has become a more passive act these days with people on an eternal job hunt without being in need of an actual job at every moment.

Workey CEO makes the argument that companies look for employees within a limited group of applicants. “Statistics show that 85 percent of the workforces are open to a new job; however, only 12 percent of them are actively in pursuit of one. This demonstrates the immense untapped potential that can be available to employees,” says Reuveni.

The company makes revenue by charging if the candidate successfully gets a job through the app. A good number of candidates have advanced their careers with the help of Workey.

Tanuja Thombre
Tanuja Thombre
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