Uber EMEA Policy Chief Moves to ChargePoint
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Uber EMEA Policy Chief Moves to ChargePoint

Uber EMEA Policy Chief Moves to ChargePoint

Uber’s European head of policy is going to leave the company and will join the electric-vehicle charging-network company ChargePoint.

Jo Bertram, who was the regional manager of Northern Europe, left on Oct. 2, and now Christopher Burghardt also is quitting his position at Uber.

Burghardt will be the new managing director for ChargePoint, leaving Uber after just one year.
Christopher Burghardt said in one of his interviews on Tuesday that he plans to join ChargePoint early next month as its lead regional executive. He will oversee the Silicon Valley company’s aggressive charging-point expansion plans in Europe.

He said the decision to leave Uber was “a tough choice ” but one he “couldn’t turn down.”
“Europe is at the point of getting to mass adoption of electric vehicles, and ChargePoint is at the forefront of that,” he added.

“I remain a great believer in what Uber does, and I know our new chief executive has a vision that will take the company into a bright future.”

ChargePoint supplies charging hardware and software used to connect outlets. It owns no re-charging stations of its own, but it works like an AirBnB or Uber to create a network of locations and schedule bookings at available charge points.

“The energy and mobility spaces are coming together,” Burghardt said. “ChargePoint is really one of the leading companies in electric vehicle infrastructure – where the two trends meet.”

ChargePoint has a plan to start a recharging network in Europe, where it will definitely be in competition with companies like Engie, a French utility, which has acquired EV-Box, a Dutch firm, and Innogy, a German electric utility. However, one more problem in ChargePoint’s path to success is that its competitors are entering into its home market, the United States.

In May, ChargePoint unveiled its most important network deal in Europe to date by signing an agreement with InstaVolt to provide it with 200 ChargePoint rapid-charge systems.

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