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What Does It Take to Keep Employees Engaged? New Culture Amp Report Offers Unique Insights

What Does It Take to Keep Employees Engaged? New Culture Amp Report Offers Unique Insights

Culture Amp, the leader in analyzing employee engagement, experience, and effectiveness in tech startups, released their fifth annual report today on New Tech employee engagement.

Titled What New Tech employees need, the survey shows what the most innovative tech companies are doing to stay agile and successful in an ever-changing work environment.

Regarding the report, Culture Amp’s Chief Scientist Jason McPherson, said, “New Tech organizations offer unique insights into what it takes to get employee engagement right. Since these workplaces outperform traditional ones in several key areas, we can look at what they do differently and find solutions for other industries.”

The report found that:

  • the benchmark for New Tech company employee engagement outperforms Traditional Tech
  • the top three drivers impacting employee engagement are leadership, learning and development, and company confidence
  • the impact of employee engagement is remarkable

“New Tech employers – and their employees – understand there’s strong competition for the right people, and they’re developing new, creative employee engagement initiatives,” McPherson stated.

The report also found that companies that do best at keeping employees engaged have leaders who communicate a motivating vision, leaders who demonstrate that people matter, and leaders who demonstrate commitment to social responsibility.

To download the full report, click here.

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