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Stress and Employee Performance: Does It Have an Affect?

Stress and Employee Performance: Does It Have an Affect? 

How often have you heard people talking about how stressed they are at work? Nearly every person you meet talks about this in some way. In today’s highly competitive world, stress at work has become the norm. But the primary question here is, why do people get stressed out at work? What are the factors that contribute to the stress?

A close look will reveal both internal and external factors that contribute to stress at work. Some of these internal factors are targets, issues with one’s boss, issues with one’s colleagues, the working environment and so on. External factors including family issues, financial stress, and health issues contribute to the stress level of an individual which also impacts his or her workplace performance. It is a defining moment in an individual’s life and it does take a huge toll on a person’s physical and mental ability. What is even more difficult to handle is when the top management in an organization is stressed out. The whole organization feels the heat.

A crucial aspect of stress is that it results in a lack of time management. When individuals are not able to keep up their daily routine and prioritize their work, they feel overwhelmed and start feeling as though they cannot deliver their work on time. Moreover, they can lose their focus completely because their mind is always thinking in multiple directions at once during stress. Thus, their health starts deteriorating and they can become irritable. Stress also impacts their relationship with colleagues and bosses.

Many studies have shown that stress has a huge impact on the performance of an individual at work. However, if your mind is strong, you can use this stress as a challenge to focus on productivity and improving quality of life. Stress can cause a huge adrenaline rush, allowing you to recover and get going.

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Anirudh Menon
Anirudh Menon
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