Snap Making Changes Among Executives in Hardware Department
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Snap Making Changes Among Executives in Hardware Department

Snap recently reportedly a shuffling of its hardware team, including leadership. Bloomberg reported that the leadership changes occurred in early September, when the company laid off a dozen employees within the Spectacles marketing team. The division is now being led by Mark Randall, while the previous hardware leader Steve Horowitz (who previously worked with Motorola) was transitioned to a different position.

Mark Randall has been with the company since May 2016 as Vice President of Operations, becoming Vice President of Hardware in August 2017, according to his LinkedIn profile. He had previously been a supply chain executive at Google.

The Los Angeles-based company, which had gone public earlier this year, made the case that it was much more than just an app producer, saying that it would change the way people create media by making camera products as well. The first of these products is Snap’s Spectacles glasses, which take circular videos from a first-person perspective to share later.

The spectacles were initially surrounded by hype when they were first introduced last year, with long lines formed around the United States to purchase them from their exclusive pop-up vending machines. That said, Spectacles sales have not generated any significant revenue for Snap thus far, and the company’s stock has declined nearly twenty percent since its March 1 IPO.

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