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Reddit Reveals the STRANGEST Workplace Rules

Reddit Reveals the STRANGEST Workplace Rules

All offices have some rules that are bound to upset one or two employees – no Facebook during lunch breaks, a ban on mobile use or even strict rules around eating food at your desk.

But all of these minor infractions seem to pale into insignificance compared to the rules some staff have claimed their workplaces have implemented.

On a recent Reddit thread, employees revealed the strangest and strictest rules their HR departments had inflicted on their workforce – and the confessions range from the bizarre to the downright absurd. One user claimed that their bosses had banned employees from drinking any coffee after 2pm. The Express reports the user as saying:” The company has more than enough money to provide s****y coffee at all hours of the day. But they insist that drinking coffee in the afternoon is wasteful.

“They instructed the secretaries to take away and lock up the decanters and bag of coffee at 2pm.”

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SOURCE: HR Grapevine
Emily Douglas


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