Most Popular Internal Recruitment Methods for Your Business Growth
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Most Popular Internal Recruitment Methods for Your Business Growth

Internal Recruitment Methods for Your Business Growth

Internal recruiting processes that global organizations can adopt.

What are the pros and cons of having an internal hiring process and how can companies manage it effectively?

Companies are constantly striving to fill open positions with the right people to do the right jobs at the right time. Recruiters spend hours ensuring the entire process including interviewing and onboarding is executed strategically. The wrong people in the right positions and the right people in the wrong positions can be detrimental to company success.

It has also been observed that some organizations have an internal hiring process to look for candidates inside of various current teams that fit the position. This internal recruitment process is a handy method for organizations, particularly those looking for candidates on short notice.

A very simple method to expediting this process is by having a skill-based inventory of all active employees. Companies should consider conducting this skill inventory check because it helps to identify the right candidate who has the right skill needed for the job. Further, once candidates are identified, managers can quickly ask them to do a self-assessment on the skills they possess against the ones needed for the job. This process is extremely fast and less tiring for hiring managers and even for the candidates. Managers can even email the self-assessment questionnaire to candidates who can then fill it out at their convenience and send it back.

Another way of hiring candidates through an internal process is by posting jobs on an intranet portal or job board. Candidates who think they qualify can apply to these positions. However, a bottleneck in this approach is that the employees are the judge on whether they qualify for the job or not. This could result in the hiring manager receiving applications from candidates who may not be the right fit. This dilutes the objective and the internal hiring process becomes ineffective.

However, companies can set up protocols to make this process more effective. A simple approval process of seeking a manager’s approval before applying can prove to be very effective. This can also be combined with another possible rule where employees who are less than 12 months old in the organization cannot apply. Small guidelines like this can help hiring managers receive qualified applications.

One key benefit that the internal recruiting process brings to organizations is the amount of time and cost saved. An effective internal hiring process brings tremendous cost benefits because companies don’t have to spend additional time in training candidates as their skills have already been assessed prior to hiring. Companies are familiar with current employees’ skill and knowledge as they have access to the skills inventory which gives them the complete picture. This is not the case when companies scout for external candidates.

Although the internal hiring process is beneficial in many ways, a primary drawback is when an employee gets selected for the new position, the company needs to fill the position that he or she has left. This means that the company is filling not one, but two positions. Further, relying heavily on internal candidates wipes out the opportunity to have exceptional external candidate, who can bring fresh ideas and new perspectives.

No matter how you look at it, the internal hiring process can’t be done around the clock or around the year. There are times when the organization needs to avoid an internal hiring process and go for external candidates. Internal candidates are to be avoided when an organization is not performing well and needs a new individual to take charge of the leadership to steer the company out of trouble.

The internal hiring process is to be very carefully used and should ensure that a void is not left in the organization under any circumstances. Employees should be allowed the opportunity to grow through the ranks in a company. However, depending on the circumstances, organizations should seek out external candidates to fill some job positions.

Anirudh Menon
Anirudh Menon
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