Onboarding Process - Hiring Employees the Right Way!
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Onboarding Process – Hiring Employees the Right Way!

Onboarding the Right Way

The Collins English Dictionary defines onboarding as “the induction and assimilation of a new employee into a company or organization.”

The onboarding process helps new employees to understand the brand, values, and environment of the company. It also helps to explain the workplace culture, institutional expectations, and performance benchmarks. In short, it is the process by which employees get acquainted and are successfully assimilated into their positions.

From the initial welcome, human resources paperwork, and job understanding, the onboarding process can become frustrating. If handled poorly, it can increase turnover rates. But if done systematically, employees can be developed into satisfied team players.

Onboarding has four distinct, yet essential, components that are often referred to as the “Four Cs.”

  • Compliance – This is the lowest level and includes teaching employees basic legal and policy-related rules and regulations.
  • Clarification – This refers to ensuring employees understand their new jobs.
  • Culture – This includes providing employees with a sense of organizational norms, both formal and informal.
  • Connection – This refers to the vital interpersonal relationships and information networks that new employees must establish.

The degree to which each organization leverages these four building blocks determines its overall onboarding strategy.

Source: www.shrm.org

There are four key parts of a good onboarding program:

    Legal compliance and compliance with organization rules, can be completed remotely before the new employee’s first day in the office.
    Logistics are the basics that help new employees show up at the right place to do their jobs.
    With good management, the new hire doesn’t just do their job in a silo. Instead, they are supported in the process of getting their job done right. This is where the hiring manager gets involved.
    Most employees will need some training upon arrival, so it is best to consistently provide new employees with learning opportunities that will bring them up to speed quickly.

If these 4 pillars of the company’s onboarding strategy are built well, the effects will be long-lasting.

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