Oculus Hires CMO from Facebook
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Oculus Hires CMO from Facebook

Oculus Hires CMO from Facebook

Virtual reality company, Oculus, recently announced that it was bringing on board long time Facebook brand marketing executive Rebecca Van Dyck as its new Chief Marketing Officer.

The hire was confirmed by an Oculus spokesperson to TechCrunch. The spokesperson also noted that Van Dyck will report to the Vice President of Virtual Reality, Hugo Barra.

Oculus’ last Chief Marketing Officer Liz Hamren left Oculus back in April to join Microsoft’s Virtual Reality Headset Platform. Hamren is now Vice President of the Mixed Reality division at Microsoft.

Rebecca Van Dyck has an impressive career so far. For the last five years, she worked in the consumer and brand marketing role at Facebook. Before that, she was Chief Marketing Officer at Levi’s and also braved the role of Senior Marketing Director at Apple.

At Oculus, Rebecca’s role will be to sell to consumers the company’s current and future virtual reality products. The company’s Rift headset is reportedly lagging behind competitors in unit sales and the company’s mobile strategy has grown more complicated as Samsung, recently added support for Google’s VR platform to its latest devices.

Oculus will be hosting the OC4 Conference in one month. At this conference, the company usually announces its latest developments. Hiring a new Chief Marketing Officer could be an indication of a forthcoming ramp-up in marketing activities, making way for several holiday season deals, or even getting a strategy put in place for the release of new products and content.

At the Oculus Connect 4 Conference, the company’s annual developer conference, the company could also announce further news in terms of products and team members. OC4 is scheduled to take place from October 10-12, 2017.

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Megha Shah
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